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Calculating The Real Value Of Variable Interest Rate

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Taking out a personal loan from any bank or lending firm in Australia may come with the approval for a variable interest rate as opposed to a fixed interest rate. In many aspects a variable interest rate doesn’t seem appealing to most borrowers.

What is a Variable Interest Rate?

A variable interest rate means that the interest rate for your personal loan is not fixed and may move upward or downward depending on what is dictated by the market. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet The interest rate may change with the movements set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Many personal loan applications are processed under a variable interest rate. But unlike its counterpart, fixed interest rates, variable interest rates have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a lower interest rate prevailing in the market.

Advantages of Variable Interest Rate

The interest rate determined by the Australian bank or lending firm reflects the prevailing cash rate. If on your next repayment due, the RBA lowers the interest rate, then your repayment amount will automatically become less than the previous repayment amount which is based on a higher interest rate. When RBA lowers the cash rate, the banks and lending firms can pass on the lower rate to you, allowing you to make some savings on such reduced repayment amount. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos If your financial circumstances are such that you can make bigger repayment amount when interest rates are lower, you can take advantage of making significant savings by choosing the variable interest rate term for your personal loan. Under this arrangement, you are allowed to make extra repayments without penalties or early repayment adjustment usually charged for personal loans with fixed interest rate term.

Disadvantages of Variable Interest Rate

With this structure, you only gain if the cash rate goes down. But in cases where the interest rate set increases, you incur losses. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos When interest rates fall, you make some savings on the interest payment. Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer However, when the interest rate goes up, you are compelled to use the savings you have made from the reduced repayment due to a lower interest rate, because your repayment amount will have increased.

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