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Four Rules in Getting a Car Loan

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It’s quite rare to know someone who would say that they don’t have any ambition to own a car. Almost everyone wants a car of their own but the prohibitive prices seem to be preventing this from happening. For those who can afford, they can easily buy a car in cash, but the bigger percentage will usually take the option of buying a car through a car loan offered by almost if not all banks and financial institutions in Australia. Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos Those who want to buy a car are given several options in terms of car loan packages and schemes. Different banks and financial institutions offer everyone different ways but the same opportunity to enjoy the privilege of car ownership.

You just need to make sure that you know which bank or lending firm offers the best deal. Calzoncillos Boxer Calvin Klein How do you do that? Check these four basic rules to guide you in getting a car loan.

Review and Assess Your Credit Standing

The best way to do this is by requesting one of the credit bureaus for your credit score or rating. This will give you the best picture of how you are doing with your spending and managing your expenses and debts. By requesting your credit rating report, you have the opportunity to correct if there mistakes or errors in the entries on your file. It could happen that the credit bureau has not updated their records and got some erroneous entries on your credit rating report which negatively affects your overall credit history and standing. With a good credit standing to back you up, you have higher chances of getting approval for your car loan.

Survey the Car Loan Market

Don’t just jump right away to the first bank that you know would give approval to your car loan. Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos You always have the option to choose from several banks or lending companies in Australia that are willing to grant you the loan for the car you want. By talking to many banks, you are able to determine the one which offers the best loan terms – rates, repayment, etc. Have your car loan pre-approved before approaching any car dealer. This way you can bargain with the car dealers with a predetermined interest rate already approved by the bank or lending firm. Don’t fall into the trap offered by car dealers to settle your previous loan because it will only lead to you paying more than you should.

Beware of Upselling Techniques

Competition among car dealers has prompted car sales agents to resort to upselling. This means they try to lure potential car buyers by offering them after sales services and upgrades which if you calculate will result to a significant amount of profit for the car dealers. This often counts for 50% of the total car dealer’s profits. If you are wise enough to check before agreeing to the offer, you’ll find out that upgrades and add-ons will cost less if availed from outside sources and not the car dealer.

Beware of Yo-Yo Trap

What is a Yo-Yo Trap? It is a scheme that offers conditional financing that allows you to bring home the car instantly – right then and there. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos It’s a scheme to make the potential buyer believe that their car loan has already been approved since the car dealer is willing to release the vehicle to the potential buyer. In reality, this isn’t the case. A few days later, you will be informed by the car sales agent that the bank has some issues with your car loan application and that the only option given is to have it approved but with higher interest rates. If you don’t agree to their terms, then they will take possession of the car which could be embarrassing especially if your neighbors see that your car is being towed out of the driveway or car garage.

Before deciding on whether you are going to get a car or not even if your car loan has already been approved, take note of the after purchase costs like maintenance, fuel consumption, emergency car repairs, cleaning materials that will be used to help you decide if you’re really prepared to own a car. These must also be considered before purchasing a car.

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