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Personal Loans

Fast Access Finance arranged personal loans are quick and easy. You can apply for up to $2000 for personal use. Most loans are not secured, with weekly or fortnightly repayment options.

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Unemployed Loans

Are you unemployed but need a quick small loan for unexpected bills? We can help! Your application will be solidly assessed to ensure you can afford your repayments – without breaking your budget.

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Centrelink Loans

Are you receiving a Centrelink allowance? Do you need a small loan? We can help! Provide us with your Centrelink Income Statement and details of your current loan commitments when applying and we will be able to tell you if you are eligible for a Fast loan.

Car Repair Loans

Does your car need repairs or a service? We can help you get rid of those car issues with a Fast loan. You can borrow up to $2000 to help pay for those repairs.

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Secured Loans

Do you need a bit more than $2000? We can help you. You can use your vehicle as security and get a little bit extra than what is normally offered.

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Online Loans

Don’t have time to go into one of our offices or there isn’t an office near you? Apply online today in the comfort of your own home and receive your funds fast without even leaving your house.

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Bond Loans

Are you moving into a rental property? Need a hand paying the rental bond? Then apply today for a rental bond loan. Quick, easy application process – get the funds fast and get that rental property before someone else does.

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Part Time Employed Loans

Are you part time employed and need a loan? Don’t worry, apply today.

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Student Loans

Are you studying or about to start studying? Do you need help paying your tuition fees? We can help you.

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Back to School Loans

Do your kids need new uniforms, text books or any other school related items? We can help you with a back to school loan. You can apply any time of year.

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Motor Vehicle Loans

Are you looking to buy a car, bike or boat? We can help you out with a loan up to $2000.

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Holiday and Travel Loans

Are you going on a holiday and need some extra spending money?

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Medical and Dental Loans

Do you have unexpected medical or dental bills? We can help you.

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Emergency Loans

Got an emergency and need some extra money?

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Household, Whitegoods, Tv and Computer Loans

Has your washing machine, fridge or dryer died? Or you just want a new TV or computer? We can help.

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Bridging Loans

Are you buying something but are a little bit short? A bridging loan is just for you.

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