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Auto & Car Repair Loans

Australia is a nation of motorists – we use them to get to work, get the kids to school, do the shopping, run errands… They’re an important part of getting things done. And public transport isn’t always able to get us where we need to go, on time.

For many Australians, having a car is a necessity that helps them deal with a lot of things including:

  • Getting us where we need to be, on time
  • Escalating bus and train fares
  • Preventing us being late to appointments
  • Avoiding being caught up in a crowd
  • Personal safety, especially late at night
  • Arriving clean and refreshed
  • Convenience of not having to carry heavy groceries and bags on the way home

But having a car also comes with some headaches, especially if you bought a used car. You will have to take care of maintenance which could be costly for used cars compared to brand new ones. And aside from general maintenance there are the often costly repairs required by the vehicle resulting from wear and tear. And all these mean additional burden to your budget.

So what would you do if your car needs to be repaired and you’ve just spent that last little bit of your income on your child’s karate class? How are you going to deal with the car’s repair bill? You know that ignoring the problem will only make it worse – and more expensive later. You really need to have your car repaired because you need it for daily use. And cars never seem to break down at a convenient time…

The good news is that non-bank lending firms offer a loan facility that specifically addresses this concern. You can apply for a car repair loan.

A car repair loan is offered to individuals who have an urgent need to repair their cars or get their cars for a tune-up or maintenance service. If the continued use of the car could cause more damage, you should approach the financial institution that can give you access to this type of loan. The loan amount will depend on your ability to make repayments, but most lenders offer loan amount from somewhere between $500 and $5000. You can negotiate flexible repayment terms that would be not burden your budget.

So, if you’re having repair problems with your car, you don’t have to worry about working double shifts in order to raise the money needed for the repair. It would be a lot easier to approach a lender for a car repair loan.