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There is a Magic Formula That Turns Bad Debt into Good

There-is-a-Magic-Formula-That-Turns-Bad-Debt-into-Good-FastAccessFinance -- Quick Loans

It’s common sense – one that has been taught to everyone, that you should aim to pay off your debts as much as you can and reduce your debt level. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at aiming for this, and being successful at it.

Reducing debt takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Boxer Calvin Klein There are also some strategies that can effectively help you achieve that goal. However, there are also cases where holding debt can make sense as a strategy for getting richer and wealthier. Really?

There are in essence, three types of debt: good, bad, and very bad debt. How are they different from each other?

Good Debt

This is any debt that results to a tax deduction because the money borrowed was used for a purpose that is tax deductible, which could include, generating an income from rental property or shares. Tax deduction will essentially halve the interest rate, if you happen to be on the upper marginal tax rate bracket. Such tax deduction may not look a lot but over the longer term, you would feel its dramatic, positive effect on your finances.

Bad Debt

This is any debt or other form of borrowing that does not lend itself to any tax deduction or tax relief. Not included in this category is a type of very bad debt, which is the credit card where the interest rates can be anywhere from 15% to 20%. These high interest rates are 3 to 4 times more than a typical home loan rate.

And while it’s difficult to justify prioritizing settlement of personal loans or credit card balance used to fund lifestyle choices, it just is a necessary action. Calvin Klein Bañadores Hombre With a 15% interest rate spent on personal loans or credit card balances, such amount of money could have been used in other activities that could generate higher return.

One way to deal with this is to move very bad debt to bad debt. You can do this if you have equity in your home which you could borrow against at a much lower interest rate which you can use to repay the very bad debt.

Another way is to convert very bad debt to good debt. This can be done using existing assets. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet Say, you have acquired shares from various floats such as Telstra. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos You can sell those shares to repay your bad and/or very bad debt. You can then obtain a loan classified as good debt to purchase assets with equivalent value to the sold shares. This now means that you have the same value of investable assets but your debt categories have changed. In this type of strategy, you have to consider capital gains tax and transaction costs just to make sure you are making the right move and decision.

A lot of people are able to establish good debt line of credit using their home as security or collateral but they should stay away from bad debt mortgage to facilitate the credit line. Your overall cash flow tends to improve due to the lower after-tax costs of the good debt. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein You can then channel your funds into reducing your bad debt home loan.

Bottom line – with careful management of your borrowings, you can end up having significant savings that will compound over a long period of time.

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